Journey to space: Former astronaut Joan Higginbotham on STEM, sustainability and more

              We’re proud that UTC has provided the spacesuits for every U.S. space mission since Apollo, and now, we're helping to design the life support systems for the human mission to Mars. When the mission is to sustain life outside the Earth’s atmosphere, we can actually learn a thing or two about sustainability back on our home planet.

              Joan Higginbotham’s NASA career began at the Kennedy Space Center where she supported a total of 53 space shuttle missions. In 1996, Joan was selected as an astronaut candidate, and ten years later, she blasted into space on the shuttle Discovery, becoming the third African American woman to accomplish this amazing feat.?

              After a 20-year career at NASA, Joan pursued other opportunities before returning to her aerospace roots as director of community affairs and corporate social responsibility activities at UTC Aerospace Systems. We hope you’ll listen to her remarkable story.

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